Save on Meats Fights Back Against Anarchist Group With a Great Promotion

Recently Save on Meats was the target of an anarchist group that is targeting DTES restaurants and they had their sandwich board sign stolen. Save on Meats is fighting back in a positive way and turning this ridiculous stunt into something very funny, clever, and helpful to the community.

Save on Meats Fighting Back

They created a new sandwich board cut out that resembles the picture the anarchists posted online. Save on Meats is doing a special promotion where if you go and take your picture with the board and share it on instagram and twitter with @saveonmeats #bethechange or on their Facebook page, then they will donate a meal to charity.

Here is a message that Mark Brand posted about it on Instagram:

One of the things we pride ourselves on is turning a negative situation into a positive. Cynics and couch journalists call it all sorts of things, but we flip that too. Negative to positive. On the left you see how we’re about to flip this latest incident with your help. On the right you’ll see how fun it’s going to be. Let me go back a step for those of you who missed the first story. Sandwich board is stolen, save on is threatened media gets wind, everyone is pissed. Step two I make sandwich board replica with cutouts of self proclaimed “anarchists” that you can take a photo with and feed people. How you say? Simple I respond. Use this photo, take your own, have a friend take a snap who lives locally and either @saveonmeats in this app the same @saveonmeats on twitter with #bethechange or a Facebook post shared with us. Each one of those counts as a meal for our friends at the Rainier Hotel whom recently had their food program cut. Our goal is 3600 to start. That’s all of their residents breakfast for three months 7 days. Lets do this together. Thank you “anarchists”.


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