Mark Brand Was Named One of BC’s Top Innovators

In the face of so much negativity that has surrounded DTES restaurants lately, it is nice to hear some positive news about local restauranteurs being recognized for their efforts. BC Business has named Mark Brand as one of BC’s top innovators and ranked #16 on a list of 20 local innovative companies.

Mark Brand is Opening Portside Pub

Mark Brand is the owner of Save on Meats, and a few other restaurants around Vancouver. He was specifically recognized for the Save on Meats sandwich token program, where donors can buy a token for under $3 and give it to a needy person who can then come and redeem it for a sandwich. You can read more about the sandwich token program on the BC Business website.


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One Comment on “Mark Brand Was Named One of BC’s Top Innovators”

  1. Leanne Tate
    April 6, 2013 at 11:39 am #

    too bad he divorced his hot wifey

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