JJ Bean

JJ Bean is a chain of coffee shops that has multiple locations around Metro Vancouver. They recently opened a new location in Port Moody in Suter Brook Village. This location is really nice inside. They have two floors and a complete wall of windows so the store has a bright airy feel to it.

Surprisingly, I have never been to a JJ Bean before I checked out the Port Moody location recently.

Soy Cappuccino

The first time I came here I ordered a soy cappuccino. I normally order lattes, but I wanted to switch it up this time and I was glad I did.

This was a well made cappuccino. The soy milk had a perfect micro foam texture, which is the secret to a good coffee drink.

The flavour of the espresso here is very nice. Sometimes I find drinks with no syrups bitter, but this espresso had a well-balanced flavour. I was glad I didn’t get any additional flavours to it because it was perfect just on its own.

Americano Soy Misto

On my next visit, I ordered an americano soy misto, a drink that I’ve been really into lately.

I also enjoyed this drink. It was equally well executed and slightly less milky than the cappuccino.

The barista gets bonus points for making the drink so pretty. After my stint of working in a coffee shop for two weeks, I have a lot of respect for baristas that can make beautiful looking drinks.

I only have good things to say about JJ Bean. I can’t compare it to other locations, but this one has a great atmosphere and lovely drinks.


Yes, for great coffee and the nicest cafe in Port Moody.

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