Rosemary Rocksalt Tasting

Yesterday I was invited to a special tasting at Rosemary Rocksalt, a new bagel shop in North Vancouver. Parise, the owner of the shop, is the daughter of the man who opened Siegel’s Bagels in Vancouver years ago. At Rosemary Rocksalt, they still make the same bagels that you can find at Siegel’s, but this is their new rebranded location. The name comes from one of their popular bagel flavours.

They officially open their doors to the public on April 5, 2013. On their first day of business, they are donating all of their proceeds to charity.

Rosemary Rocksalt Oven

At Rosemary Rocksalt, they make their bagels the traditional Montreal way. I don’t have a lot of experience with authentic bagels, so it was cool to learn about the process behind them.

They first boil the bagels and then they bake them in a massive wood fire oven. Most of the bagels you buy from groceries stores around here are not boiled and they are simply baked in a regular oven, which results in a very different texture.

Rosemary Rocksalt Bagel

They sell a bunch of different types of bagels and plenty of flavours of cream cheese that they hand mix in the store. Other toppings like lox and Montreal smoked meat are also available.

Montreal Smoked Meat on a Sesame Bagel

I had a sesame bagel filled with Montreal smoked meat and mustard. It was served up with a side of thick cut fries and a pickle slice. It sounds really simple, but sometimes simple things done right are the best.

The sesame bagel was great. I loved its dense and chewy texture. It was so much better than the bready, thick, bagels I’m accustomed to.

The Montreal smoked meat was divine. They get the meat from a supplier in Montreal that makes a special batch just for them. It was sliced up very thin and was deliciously juicy.

I love a good sandwich so I enjoyed my meal. It was satisfying and filling.

Rosemary Rocksalt is a cute little shop and their bagels are great. They have a few tables in there where you can eat, but you can also come in and just quickly grab some bagels to go. I love to see family businesses pass down their traditions and it is nice to see them expanding and sharing Montreal style bagels with the people of Metro Vancouver.

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