I recently visited the Joey in Coquitlam with my family for my brother’s birthday. We came here because I had a gift card, but we ended up forgetting about it and didn’t use it. It still makes me laugh that we forgot .

Coco Nova

I had the coco nova drink, which is made with Smirnoff coconut vodka, pineapple juice, and citrus slush. This drink was good. I enjoy tropical flavours and the citrus slush made it refreshingly cold and added a hint of tartness.

Ahi Tuna Club

For my meal I ordered the ahi tuna club. This is my favourite item at Joey and something I have had on a few different occasions.

The sandwich is made with a thick slab of grilled rare tuna. The tuna is really meaty and it makes a great protein for the sandwich because it is so tender.

It is also filled with thick cut crispy bacon and panko breaded onion rings. Both of these items add a nice crunch to the sandwich. Onion rings on anything automatically make it good.

I like that the sandwich is filled with arugula instead of just lettuce.  Sandwiches become more interesting if you use different types of greens inside. The red pepper relish is also pretty tasty here. It has a good balance of flavour with a hint of sweetness.

We all enjoyed our meals at Joey. Foodies give chain restaurants a hard time, but I don’t mind some of them as long as you know what to order. I normally stick to sandwiches, and I think the ahi tuna club at Joey is a delicious menu item.


Yes, for a good ahi tuna club.

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