Triple O’s

There are Triple O’s locations all over the place, but I often forget about them. The only time I seem to go is when I’m at SFU Burnaby and I am craving something greasy for lunch.

Deep Fried Pickles

When I walked up to the counter and saw deep-fried pickles on the menu board I was excited. I didn’t even know they sold them.

Many places slice their pickles long ways before deep-frying, but here they sliced them up into perfect bite sized pieces. I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t do it this way, because it is so much better. The pickles don’t get soggy and they have a perfect juicy crunch to them.

They also come with a rich, creamy, ranch style sauce for dipping. These are delicious and if you are a pickle freak like me, you will love them. I hope these aren’t a limited time promotion.

Triple O's Original Burger

I also got the Triple O’s original burger. I find the burgers here pretty hit and miss. They are good if they are fresh, but if they have been sitting there for a while, they can get really gross and sloppy.

Luckily, there were no original burgers pre-made, so I got a freshly made one. It is worth the wait for a fresh one because the burger comes out nice and juicy and the bun is still soft.

This was one of the hit Triple O’s experiences. I enjoyed my burger and the deep-fried pickles made my day.


Yes, for amazing deep-fried pickles.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Burgers, Burnaby, SFU


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