DD Mau

DD Mau is a modern banh mi restaurant located on Pacific Boulevard in Yaletown. They take banh mi sandwiches to a whole new level. They have traditional subs like classic cold cuts and more modern and unique options like pork belly subs.

This past time I went I was using a Vaneats dining pass that I had purchased (I reviewed the package and loved it so much I bought a second pass).

Honeydew Smoothie

They have great smoothies at DD Mau to wash down your banh mi. I chose the honeydew smoothie for my drink. This smoothie is light, subtly sweet, and refreshing.

Roasted Pork Sub

The dining pass comes with half of a roasted pork sub. This sub is my favourite one at DD Mau. The sandwich is topped with a house made aioli, which adds some moisture to the sandwich.

The sub is filled with all of your typical banh mi veggie fillings, but the pork is something special. It has a wonderful flavour from being roasted and the sandwich is topped with cracklin (fried pig skin). The cracklin gives it a perfect crunchy texture and a salty meaty flavour.

Lemongrass Chicken Sub

The other half of the sub is lemongrass chicken. This has the same fillings as above except it is topped with sweet chili aioli and it has lemongrass chicken thighs inside. If you aren’t into fried pig skin, this is a lighter sandwich option.

The lemongrass chicken is incredibly moist and it has a strong fragrant lemongrass flavour. This chicken is the best chicken I’ve ever had in a Vietnamese sub. This sandwich proves that when done right, chicken is anything but boring.

People complain that the prices here are more than other banh mi places, but the sandwiches are much bigger and filled with more meat than any other banh mi place I’ve been to. Also it is located in Yaletown, so you can’t expect the same prices as hole in the wall places in East Van. If you are a stickler for tradition, you will probably hate this place because they do a modern take on banh mi, but sometimes it is good to break free and try new things.

DD Mau continues to be one of my favourite places to get an amazing flavourful sandwich. The sandwiches are all large and filling and priced between $7-$10, which is a great cheap option considering it is downtown.


Yes, for great banh mi in Yaletown.

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