Falconetti’s Fix Dining Pass

Last week I checked out the new Falconetti’s Fix Dining Pass by Vaneats.ca at Falconetti’s East Side Grill on Commercial. Falconetti’s was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and they specialize in house made gourmet sausages.

The dining pass includes:

  1. Mini Poutine, freshly made pepper gravy drizzled over real Quebec cheese curds
  2. Slow Smoked Pork Ribs, smoked in-house with our special rub then slathered in our Tequila BBQ sauce
  3. Falconetti’s Famous Sausages, choose 1 of any of their gourmet, home made sausages
  4. Phillips Beer’s Blue Buck, two 4oz glasses of a deep amber coloured beer with a crisp finish featuring a delicate hop aroma

Phillips Blue Buck Beer

The dining pass begins with two 4oz glasses of Phillips Blue Buck Beer. I was expecting this dark amber coloured beer to be slightly bitter, but it was crisp and easy to drink. The beer had a mild hop flavour and it was a good pairing to wash down heavy meaty food. Slowly, but surely, my taste buds are beginning to enjoy beer.

Mini Poutine

The mini poutine is made with pepper gravy and real Quebec cheese curds. Even though they call it a mini portion, it is still a fair size. My mom ordered an extra poutine for herself and we definitely didn’t need both.

The cheese curds weren’t squeaky like I was hoping for when I read they were from Quebec, but they were still fresh and cheesy.

The pepper gravy is what made the poutine special. It had a rich taste without being too heavy and making you feel sick.

The fries were thinly cut and nice and crisp. I don’t like it when fries get soggy really fast when I eat poutine and these guys held their own against the gravy and still had a good texture after sitting for a few minutes.

Slow Smoked Pork Ribs

The slow smoked pork ribs are smoked in-house and smothered in Tequila BBQ sauce. The pork ribs had a nice smokey aroma from the cooking process, however, they weren’t as tender as I was hoping for.

The Tequila BBQ sauce was pretty tasty. It had a bold flavour and a tangy kick.

Chicken Thai Sausage

I chose the chicken Thai sausage for my main. The chicken sausage is a dryer type of sausage and is made with coconut, curry, lime, and ginger. These are some of my favourite flavours and I loved how they came together.

The sausage is topped with Asian veggies, sesame oil, and hoisin. The combination of the sausage and toppings was great and it resulted in a tasty meal and a big step up from a boring old hot dog. If you like a bit of spice and Asian flavours I would recommend this sausage.

Overall I was satisfied with my meal from Falconetti’s and completely stuffed. This dining pass comes with lots of food and it is enough to fill up two people. Falconetti’s Fix is now available at Vaneats.ca for $16, which is a killer deal for a meal for two plus drinks.

Disclosure: I did not pay for the dining pass.


Yes, for great poutine and gourmet sausages.

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