Doolin’s Irish Pub

Doolin’s Irish Pub is located downtown on Nelson and Granville. I love the atmosphere of Irish pubs. They are so cozy and comfortable and Doolin’s was no different.

Last week I was invited by them to come and try some of their newly revamped menu items. I respect a pub that puts effort into changing up their menu and trying new things because I think too many places have the same old boring static menu.

Okanagan Spring 1516

If you go to an Irish pub, you have to drink beer. As I’ve mentioned in posts before, I’m a beer noob and the large list of beers they had was a bit daunting. My waitress recommended the Okanagan Spring 1516 Bavarian lager to me.

It had a light easy drinking taste with a hoppy flavour. I enjoyed it and it is something I would order again.

Ahi Tuna Won Ton Tacos

One of their new appetizers were the ahi tuna won ton tacos. Not exactly something you would expect from an Irish pub, but I thought I would give them a try.

The tacos were made with seared ahi tuna, mango salsa, and wasabi cream sauce all on top of a crispy won ton shell. The ahi tuna was meaty and had a nice flavour and sear to it. I liked the sweetness of the mango salsa and I thought it went well with the tuna. I don’t like really strong wasabi flavours, but the sauce was nice with just a mild kick.

Taste wise I liked this dish, but they were pretty messy to eat. One of mine broke when I bit into it and everything spilled onto the plate.

Lamb Shank

For my main I ordered a more traditional item, the braised lamb shank served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Whenever I eat a shank I wish I could just pick it up and eat it medieval style with my hands. The bone just seems like the perfect handle, but I kept it lady like and ate it with utensils.

I’m a bit picky when it comes to lamb. Sometimes I find it too gamey or not tender enough, but Doolin’s pulled it off well. The meat was tender and not overly gamey tasting.

The meat was drizzled in a lamb jus and red wine sauce. The sauce had tons of rich flavour that complemented the lamb. It also tasted great smothered over the creamy mashed potatoes. This was a winning dish for me and something that I would recommend and order again.

I left Doolin’s feeling full and satisfied with my meal. They have a better selection of menu items than your average pub that just serves greasy food. Doolin’s is a solid choice for a casual place to get a drink and a meal on Granville Street.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my meal.


Yes, for a nice Irish pub with good food.

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