Chef Gordon Oliver – Creating “Ridiculously Delicious” Food

There is a new chef on the scene in Canada and his name is Gordon Oliver. I was approached to write a sponsored post to promote him and his recipes.

On his website bio, Gordon Oliver calls himself a celebrity chef and says he has a knack for creating ridiculously delicious food. The only problem is, his recipes are more “ridiculous” than “ridiculously delicious”.

Chef Gordon Oliver

He has recipes for maple mushroom gravy syrup cacciatore, buffalo wings milkshake, salmon chocolate cake, buffalo wings cupcakes, and more.

While all of the recipes are over the top and written with sarcasm and a sense of humour, there is a part of me that actually wants to try the buffalo wings milkshake and cupcakes, minus the old chicken he calls for of course. Maybe I’m just weird.

He also has a few cookbooks out, because that is the thing to do for any chef these days. His newest cookbook is called “Cats in a Pot”.

According to his Twitter, he will be on CTV’s EatTalk segment at 7:27PM EST tonight. If you have a sense of humour about food and food culture, be sure to turn in and watch.



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