Wah Wing Szechuan Restaurant

Wah Wing Szechuan Restaurant is located in Coquitlam just off of Lougheed. This is my family’s regular spot to get Chinese food because it is the closest place to us that is decent and their food and service is consistently good.

Pork Spring Rolls

The pork spring rolls are pretty standard, but good. They come out hot and crispy and are filled with a variety of vegetables and pork slices.

Wonton Soup

I really enjoy the wonton soup here and it’s something I make my family order every time. The chicken broth has a clean, pure chicken flavour. The broth is especially good if you mix in some of their chili sauce.

The wontons are a good size and the meat inside is always moist. They also put plenty of spinach in the soup. It’s a simple dish, but they execute it well here and its a nice way to start off a meal.

Chicken Fried Rice

The chicken fried rice here is very moist and good. I wish I could make fried rice at home with this texture.

Shanghai Noodles

The Shanghai fried noodles are our go-to noodle dish here. These are my favourite type of noodles because of their perfectly chewy texture. They toss them with the usual vegetables and sliced pork in a light soy based sauce.

Fried beef in chili, sour, and garlic sauce

The fried beef in chili, sour, and garlic sauce was a dish we ordered for the first time. The tender beef was thinly sliced and covered in a light and tangy sauce. It said the dish was spicy, but I didn’t find it spicy at all.

My vegetable hating family didn’t like this dish, but I enjoyed it because it was a nice break from the greasy fried dishes.

Honey Garlic Spareribs

The honey garlic spareribs are my guilty pleasure. The spareribs here are very meaty, unlike many other places, which is good because then you don’t feel like you are just chewing on bone. The pork is tender and a bit fatty, just the way pork should be.

The honey garlic sauce is tasty. It is pretty sticky and sweet, but the strong aromatic garlic helps to balance that out.

General Tso Chicken

The general tso chicken is one of our favourite dishes. It is different from many other restaurants because the sauce is had a thin liquid texture. The sauce hits sweet and tangy notes and also packs a little heat. The chicken is lightly battered and soaks up all of the flavourful sauce.

Wah Wing is a consistently spot for a good dinner and it remains one of my family’s favourite places in Coquitlam.


Yes, for a good Szechuan restaurant in Coquitlam.

Wah Wing Szechuan Restaurant 華榮川菜館 on Urbanspoon


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2 Comments on “Wah Wing Szechuan Restaurant”

  1. Ashley
    March 21, 2013 at 7:33 pm #

    Next time make sure you try their spicy green beans and ginger beef! Two of my faves from there.

    • March 22, 2013 at 3:43 pm #

      I’ve tried both of those dishes on previous visits. Both were great! I love spicy green beans.

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