Bao Chau

Bao Chau is a Vietnamese restaurant located on Hastings Street in East Van. Like most Vietnamese restaurants, Bao Chau is pretty outdated inside, but they have some of my favourite pho around and lots of menu options

Shrimp Salad Roll

The shrimp salad rolls here are fresh and filled with lots of large shrimp. They are also a pretty decent size and two of them would be a nice light lunch.

Rare Beef Pho

Melissa ordered the rare beef pho. This is what I normally get when I come here. Some restaurants throw the beef in too early, so it is tough by the time you get it, but here it is always pink and rare when it comes out. Melissa enjoyed it and said it was as good as usual.

Steamed Rice with Grilled Chicken, BBQ Pork Chop, and Shredded Pork with a Fried Egg

Even though I love their pho, I wanted to try something new so I ordered the steamed rice with grilled chicken, bbq pork chop, and shredded pork with a fried egg on top.

The grilled chicken was my favourite item. It was moist and had a fragrant lemongrass flavour. The bbq pork chop was also good. The meat was tender and it had a light, savoury, soy type sauce on it.

The shredded pork wasn’t what I expected it to be. I’ve never had Vietnamese shredded pork before and I was imagining it would be like pulled pork or a stewed mexican pork, but this was different. It was served cold and I don’t particularly like cold meat dishes. Next time I would skip the shredded pork.

The fried egg on top of the rice is definitely worth adding. The runny yolk burst all over the rice and added lots of flavour to it.

The rare beef pho is still my favourite item here, but the rice plates are a good filling option if you aren’t feeling soup. Bao Chau is a great place to come for a no frills, affordable Vietnamese meal.


Yes, for great Vietnamese food in East Van.

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