Earls Changes Name of Albino Rhino Beer Due to Human Rights Complaint

After a woman filed a complaint to the BC Human Rights Tribunal claiming that marketing of Earls’ Albino line capitalized on the notion of albinism as an oddity, Earls has decided to rebrand and rename their famous beer ‘Rhino’. Many people are applauding Earls for changing the name, but others are upset to see the iconic catchy name disappear.

Earls Changes Name of Albino Rhino Beer

Here is a statement that Earls made about the changes on their Facebook:

Earls Kitchen + Bar is not removing any menu items in response to this case. Our beer, currently called Albino Rhino, will be renamed to simply “Rhino” – Pale Ale, Dark & Mild, seasonal, etc. Nothing else about the beer will change.

Although we did not agree with the complaint, Earls wishes all members of the public to feel welcome at our restaurants and, accordingly, we no longer feel it is appropriate to use the word “albino” as part of our marketing. We have learned through this process that many persons with albinism are genuinely offended by our logo and feel that their dignity is negatively impacted by the use of the word “albino” in our marketing. Albinism is a very rare condition and like many Canadians we knew very little about the condition.

The Albino Rhino brand was created 25 years ago and named after the white rhinoceros. Our Rhino beer is a craft beer brewed by different craft breweries in different regions – and each region has a different selection of Rhino beer. It did not occur to us that the name would be associated with albinism, nor did it occur to us it would offend. Earls has chosen to remove the word “albino” from all of our products and marketing in response to this. Over the next two months the name will change on the menu and packaging. From there it will take some months to phase out mention or use of the word albino as old branding material is removed. We feel this is a positive thing, a great time to refresh our iconic craft beer brand, which effective April 24, 2013 will now be called “Rhino”


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