Toshi Sushi

Toshi Sushi is a local favourite Japanese restaurant on 16th and Main Street. Toshi is known for their high quality and well executed sushi.

The restaurant is small and super popular, so if you don’t arrive exactly at the 5:00 pm opening, you will likely have to wait for a seat. I came here with my friend Melissa and we arrived at 5:05 and we got the last free seats available. A lineup quickly started forming after we were seated.

Salmon Sashimi

We ordered eight pieces of salmon sashimi to begin. They only serve wild sockeye salmon here, which is why it is more pricy than most places.

The pieces of salmon were small, but they tasted great. You really can’t beat sockeye salmon for its freshness and taste. Although I was sad that there wasn’t more of it, this sashimi was some of the best I’ve had.

Box Roll

One of Toshi’s popular items is the box roll. It is a pressed sushi roll with salmon, shrimp, scallop, and a slice of lemon on top.

I liked the combination of the three types of seafood on top. It gave each bite a slightly different taste. The lemon was sliced super thin and it added a fresh tangy flavour to the sushi.

In the middle of the rice box, there was also some avocado, which gave it some creaminess. This roll was fun and creative and it’s something that you can’t find at your average sushi restaurant.


The house roll had prawn tempura and cucumbers inside and it was topped with avocado slices and a sprinkle of tobiko.

The avocado is what makes this roll so good. They completely smother the top of the roll in ripe, creamy, avocados and that is all you can really taste. The prawn tempura added a contrasting crunch.

One thing I liked about this roll is how it was an easy and manageable size to eat. Many rolls with toppings on them are too large and fall all over the place, but these were perfectly compacted and delicate.

Spicy Tofu

The spicy tofu was done differently than most spicy tofu I’ve had at other Japanese restaurants, but I loved it.

The tofu was cut up into tiny bite sized cubes and lightly battered. I also liked the addition of mushrooms with the tofu.

Lots of restaurants just drizzle a bit of spicy sauce over their tofu, but here it was submerged into a delicious and flavourful spicy broth. I wish I could have drank the remaining sauce out of the bowl, it was so good.

Baked Black Cod

The baked black cod was the highlight of the meal for me. Black cod is always a winner, but I found it especially amazing here.

The miso sauce they bake it in adds a mild earthy flavour. The cod was so buttery and smooth we could barely pick ip up without it falling apart. The fish just melts in your mouth.

The food at Toshi was special and everything tasted fantastic; I can see why it is so popular. It is pricier than many Japanese restaurants, but the food is high quality and fresh. Although I enjoyed my meal, I wouldn’t wait outside for an hour to eat here, like many people do, so I would only ever come here right at opening.


Yes, for a special Japanese meal.

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