Mackenzie Cafe

Mackenzie Cafe at SFU Burnaby got a revamp last year and they now provide a wider variety of fresher food. I reviewed some of the food offerings a few months ago, but I’ve been going here more often since the changes, because I wanted to try everything out.

Salmon Roll

They now have a sushi counter where someone freshly rolls sushi during lunch time and packages it up. If you don’t see a roll you want, they will make it for you. I grabbed a salmon roll ($4.99).

The size of the roll was fairly large and it is a good size for a light lunch. The salmon was fresh, but the cucumber inside of the roll was one of those gross tasting overly bitter ones. It was still edible and not really Mackenzie’s fault, but the roll could have been better with a mild cucumber.

Yam Roll

I enjoyed the yam roll ($3.99) because there was lots of crunchy yam inside. They drizzled it in a slightly sweet and tangy sauce. I would get this roll again if I was looking for sushi, because it is better than any other sushi place on campus.

Honey Garlic Beef Stirfry

My favourite station in the cafeteria is the customized stir fry station. You can choose your meat, veggies, sauce, and if you want rice or noodles. They cook everything up fresh for you and it is tasty and filling. This past time I ordered a honey garlic beef stir fry with noodles.

I normally get chicken, but the beef was really tender so I will be choosing beef from now on. The honey garlic sauce was also a hit. It was a bit sweet and salty with lots of garlic flavour.

Chicken Club Sandwich

The sandwich station at Mackenzie is something that I always used to pass by, but I wanted to give it a chance. Their daily special on the day I went was a chicken club sandwich ($6). The sandwich was also served with a handful of chips on the side.You can select your bread type and toppings.

The chicken was a real piece of cut up grilled chicken breast, which was so much better than deli meat. There was tons of perfectly cooked, crispy, thick cut bacon on the sandwich. The bacon is what made this sandwich great for me.

This was a good, solid, no fuss sandwich. I’m disappointed that I have gone to Subway in the past and didn’t try out this counter. Their meat and vegetables are much better quality and they taste more fresh than Subway.

I’ve been satisfied with all of my meals from Mackenzie lately and I’ll continue to grab lunch here while on campus. Keep in mind it is a cafeteria, and it will never be restaurant quality, but I appreciate the effort they are making to provide fresh and affordable meal options. It’s much better than Tim Horton’s and Subway, and probably cheaper too, so try it out next time you are at SFU.


Yes, for a wide variety of lunch options.

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