ForkJoy App

There is a new food app that has just come to Vancouver called ForkJoy. The app was originally launched in Victoria and they have recently expanded to Vancouver.


This app is different from many of the other food apps out there because they focus on individual menu items.So if you are craving a certain type of dish, like pad Thai, or poutine, you can type search for those items and restaurants that have those items on their menus will pop up. You are able to share pictures and vote on your favourite items. They also have high quality menus and prices for thousands of restaurants available on their website and app.

You can download the app for free (or use their website) from the app store.


Categories: Local Food News


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One Comment on “ForkJoy App”

  1. F.L. Nomad
    January 29, 2013 at 9:32 pm #

    Have the app and use the website to find the best dishes in any restaurant or area of the city.
    The concept is fresh and there is huge potential for the ForkJoy community to explode with more users. It looks like there may be deals coming soon!

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