Sushimoto is a restaurant that is located right at the bottom of the Holdom skytrain station. They specialize in sushi, so they have tons of different options for rolls and sashimi, but a very limited non sushi menu.

I came here for lunch before school with my friends Melissa and Jason, because it isn’t that far from SFU.The inside has a cool atmosphere and they have display cases loaded with action figure toys (which appealed to my nerdy nature).

Complementary Spring Rolls

We were given a dish of complementary spring rolls. You gotta love complementary items. These spring rolls came out piping hot and they were pretty tasty. I wouldn’t mind eating a whole plate of these.

Red Hot Chili Roll

The red hot chili roll ($8) is a chopped scallop roll topped with spicy tuna, spicy mayo, green onions, and sesame seeds.

The roll was cut into perfect bite size portions and it packed a lot of flavour. Like most spicy tuna, it wasn’t actually very spicy, but it had a nice chili flavour and a bit of creaminess from the spicy mayo drizzle. This was a nicer execution of spicy tuna and scallops than most places and it’s a roll I would get again.

Smoked Salmon Lover

The smoked salmon lover ($7) was equally as good as the first roll. Inside the roll there was smoked salmon, cucumber, and tamago. The roll was topped with another layer of smoked salmon and a drizzle of creamy mango sauce.

Most sushi rolls don’t have tamago inside the roll, but I enjoyed the addition of it. It added a light, soft texture and a hint of slightly sweet tamago flavour. I also liked how they doubled up on the layers of salmon, having one inside and one on top. This gave the roll a stronger smoked salmon flavour that didn’t get overpowered by the sauce. The mango sauce was also a tasty addition. It was sweet and added some creaminess to the dish.

Salmon Sashimi

The five piece salmon sashimi ($6) had a great fresh flavour. A couple of the pieces were a bit small, but I enjoyed them nevertheless.

Tuna Tataki

The tuna tataki ($12.90) was an impressive dish. The presentation was beautiful and the plate was filled with many thin slices of seared tuna.

The tuna was delicious. The tuna was laying on a bed of greens, that tasted great after soaking up the tangy, citrusy, ponzu sauce. There was also some garlic chips and green onions all over the plate that brought out the meaty tuna flavours.

Best Line Combo

The best line combo ($12.50) came with a california roll, a dynamite roll, and a BC roll.

I only tried the BC roll, but I thought it was great. The salmon skin was deep fried, which gave the roll a good crunchy texture. It was also filled with crab, cucumbers, and masago and drizzled with a sweet soy sauce. The only problem was that it was one of those big awkward size rolls that are hard to eat without making a mess.

We all enjoyed our lunch at Sushimoto and it is a place that I would come back to. They have lots of creative options for rolls. It is a bit more expensive than some of the other suburban sushi joints, but the food was better quality than most places and artfully presented.


Yes, for fresh creative sushi in Burnaby.

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