Peaceful Restaurant

Peaceful Restaurant is located on West Broadway and serves Mandarin cuisine and specializes in hand crafted noodles. This restaurant has become popular as of late, because it was featured on the Food Network show, Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

As a fan of the show and a lover of noodles, I knew I had to check out this place, so I came here for lunch with my friend Melissa. Even though it was a weekday afternoon, the restaurant was busy. We got a table right away, but shortly after we arrived a line up formed out the door.

Shanghai Style Hand Dragged Noodles

They serve two different types of noodles at Peaceful, which you can choose with any of their different sauces and soups. The first type of noodles are hand dragged and we ordered them Shanghai style ($11).

The hand dragged noodles are like Shanghai style noodles in other restaurants. The noodles were thick and chewy, and since these are my favourite type of noodles, I really enjoyed them.

The noodles were stir fried with shredded pork and cabbage in a light soy sauce. The sauce was savoury and mild and the cabbage added a crunchy texture to the dish. This was a simple, but well executed noodle dish.

Sizzled Hot Chili Blade Sheared Noodles

The other type of noodles they serve are blade sheared and we ordered them in a sizzled hot chili sauce ($7.50). These noodles were similar to a flat rice noodle, but they were shaved much thinner and therefore not as doughy. I enjoyed these noodles and I wish that more restaurants served this style of them.

The noodles were tossed in a thin, clear, chili oil and garlic sauce and topped with chili flakes and bok choy. The sauce was basic, but very delicious. I’ve never had noodles like this before, but it was nice to have such a light, but flavourful sauce. It had some spice to it and a strong garlic aroma.

The pieces of bok choy were a bit too large. I wish they cut it up into smaller pieces that mixed better with the noodles. These noodles were very tasty and I’d recommend trying them if you want to break away from standard soy type sauces.

Peaceful Beef Roll

Lastly we ordered one of the famous Peaceful beef roll ($7.25). These have a reputation of being one of the best beef rolls around and I can see why.

The rolls are made with thinly sliced five spice beef rolled in a crispy green onion flat bread with hoisin sauce. The flatbread is super flakey and crispy. It has such a satisfying crunch when you bite down on it.

The beef inside was tender and the five spice flavour was dominant. The whole roll had a slightly sweet taste to it. These rolls were definitely the highlight of the meal, and definitely a must order for anyone who comes here.

I left Peaceful with a noodle coma and a good impression. Their noodles are fresh and delicious; You can’t go wrong with either style. The beef roll also lived up to its hype. Peaceful is great place to come for a casual and tasty meal.


Yes, for great noodles and beef rolls.

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