Kintaro ramen hardly needs an introduction. It’s the original ramen place in Vancouver, located right at Denman and Robson and it is so famous that people often line up outside for an hour to eat there. Surprisingly, it has taken me this long to try the place, even though I love ramen.

I went on a late sunday afternoon and waited about 25 minutes in line. The restaurant is cramped and small and due to popularity they rush you in and out, so don’t come here with a large party expecting to have a leisurely meal.

Miso Ramen

Miso ramen is my favourite, so I knew I had to try their famous version ($9). They are pretty quick bringing the food out, and I was impressed with the size of my steaming bowl of ramen. Compared to some of the other places around, Kintaro has a good price to size ratio for their ramen.

You can choose from rich, medium, or light broth and fatty or lean pork with every ramen dish at Kintaro. I chose the medium broth and the fatty pork. The broth was heavenly. It had a thick consistency and a strong miso flavour. It was also very rich from the pork fat. I think the medium broth is the perfect balance.

The fatty pork pulled apart nicely and melted in your mouth. It had a delicious deep flavour. I feel like I got slightly less than some of the other bowls that were going out, but it was still great.

There were plenty of chewy noodles that filled me right up. There were also onions, green onions, corn, and bamboo shoots in the soup (bean sprouts normally come in it, but I didn’t want any).

Kintaro served up a perfect bowl of ramen. It’s hard for popular restaurants to live up to their hype, but Kintaro didn’t disappoint me and it was worth waiting 25 minutes in the freezing cold for it.


Yes, for the best ramen in Vancouver.

Kintaro Ramen 金太郞 on Urbanspoon


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