Big Feast Bistro

Big Feast Bistro is a restaurant in Maple Ridge that serves sandwiches, pastas, salads, and breakfast all afternoon. They try to use locally grown ingredients whenever possible. I’ve heard good things about this place for a while, but I only just visited it recently. The inside is cute and comfortable, but still nice. It is definitely nicer than most breakfast places in Maple Ridge.

Crab Benny

I can’t resist breakfast for lunch, so I ordered the crab benny ($15.50). This was served on top of corn flake crusted sourdough french toast. I liked that they tried something beyond a regular english muffin benny. At first the soft texture of the bread seemed weird to me, but the more I ate, the more I liked it. The outside was a bit crisp and the inside was soft and perfect for soaking up egg yolk.

They asked me how I wanted my eggs poached. I said soft and they came out perfectly fluffy and runny. The eggs were topped with a chipotle crema and hollandaise. The chipotle crema was just like a chipotle flavoured sour cream sauce and it was very yummy. It added a nice flavour to the eggs.

There was lots of meaty tasty crab pieces hidden under the eggs. There were avocado slices and capers on the bread as well. Everything together was quite rich, but delicious and it was a very indulgent breakfast meal.

The roasted potatoes that came with the benny were also good. They still had their skins on and they got nice and crisp.

I was impressed with the taste and creativity of my breakfast. There isn’t really anywhere else in Maple Ridge like this. Big Feast would be a good place to stop by if you are in town or to take someone for a nicer meal. The food can be a bit pricy, but the quality is there, so the prices are justified.


Yes, for a nice breakfast in Maple Ridge.

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