Soho Tea Room

Soho Tea Room is a new Taiwanese/Hong Kong style restaurant that also specializes in bubble tea. Soho Tea Room is the revival of Flo Tea Room on Granville (that location closed earlier this year). The menu is large and takes some time to go through, but there is something for everyone on it.

I recently came here with Dee from Gastrofork for lunch. I was excited to try it because I frequently get bubble tea, but I’m actually quite unfamiliar with Taiwanese food.

Crispy Salt and Pepper Chicken

We split an appetizer of crispy salt and pepper chicken ($6). The chicken came out very hot and freshly fried. The chicken was in perfect bite size pieces and the meat was very moist. The batter was light and crisp and very flavourful from the salt, pepper, and herbs that are in it.

There was also a chili type sauce served with the chicken that was perfect for dipping. I would highly recommend trying this popular Taiwanese dish if you come here (You can get entrée size versions with rice or noodles too).

Taiwanese Style Beef Noodle in Soup

For my meal I ordered the Taiwanese style beef noodle in soup ($8). I love all types of noodle soups, but this was my first experience with Taiwanese beef noodles so I have nothing to compare it to.

The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but this bowl was massive and filled with tons of thick chewy noodles.  The meat (which I think is beef shank) was tender and had a nice little bit of fat on it. Aside from the beef and noodles there was baby bok choy and green onions in the soup.

The flavour and depth of the broth is what made the soup amazing for me. The richness of it reminded me of an Asian version of french onion soup broth. It had such a strong beef flavour with hints of other herbs and spices. I could drink this all day.

Traffic Light

To drink I ordered one of their speciality slush bubble teas called Traffic Light ($5). I ordered pearls in the drink, but they forgot to put them in. I didn’t bother getting them to fix it because by this time I was getting full.

The menu description said the drink was layers of strawberry, mango and kiwi slush. It turned out to be green apple instead of kiwi, which was a bit disappointing because I don’t like green apple. I did enjoy the fruity sweetness of the mango and strawberry layers though. The drink was impressive to look at and it was so big I ended up taking some of it to go.

I thoroughly enjoyed my meal from Soho Tea Room and it was a great introduction to Taiwanese food for me. I would recommend both of the dishes I got and I’m craving them both again now as I write this!


Yes, for tasty Taiwanese food and cool bubble tea drinks.

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