After doing Christmas activities downtown with some friends from High School, we decided to head to Earls on Robson for a late dinner. The main reason we went here is because I had a craving for their seasonal gingerbread cake.

Lychee Geisha

I started off with the lychee geisha martini ($8.75). The martini was made with Smirnoff vodka, lychee liqueur, white cranberry and yuzu juices, and simple syrup. I liked the fragrant and mildly sweet flavour from the lychee liqueur. All of the juices tasted good together and it was a very enjoyable martini. If you are looking for a fruity drink that is mild and  refreshing, this is a good option.

I also ordered the gingerbread cake, but I was informed a few minutes after ordering that there had been a mixup in the kitchen and that they were out of the cake. I was disappointed because that’s what I had my heart set on, but I quickly chose the grilled chicken and baked brie sandwich because that is what I always end up ordering when I am indecisive.

Grilled Chicken and Baked Brie Sandwich

The grilled chicken and baked brie sandwich ($13.75) also contains garlic mayo, roasted apples, spinach, and fig jam all on a ciabatta bun. The sandwich was good, it is something I have gotten many times at Earl’s, but when you are craving something else, nothing can ever be as satisfying.

The waiter knew I was sad about the cake and he was nice enough to give me my meal for free. I appreciated the gesture and it is nice to know that they care about their customers.


Yes, for good sandwiches.

Earl's on Urbanspoon


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