Tea One Bubble Tea

Tea One Bubble Tea is a new bubble tea place that recently opened up in Maple Ridge. They sell all of your typical green/black tea, slush, and milkshake drinks. The cafe has a few small tables with some games and free wifi.

Pink Guava Slush With Pearls

On my first visit I tried the pink guava slush with pearls ($5.10). The pink guava flavour was very sweet and had a mild fruity flavour. I think if I got this again I would mix it with another flavour because it was a bit too mild on its own.

Strawberry Mango Green Tea With Lychee Popping Boba

On another occasion, I got a strawberry mango green tea with lychee popping boba ($4.25).

If you don’t know what popping boba are they are the same shape as a pearl, but they are more squishy and are filled with a fruity juicy inside (they are also found at many frozen yogurt places but called different names). The lychee flavoured ones were delicious and had a sweet fragrant flavour. They are my new favourite addition to my drinks.

The strawberry mango green tea was also great. It was sweet, but refreshing and I loved the combination of the two flavours. I would definitely get this drink again.

Tea One Bubble Tea is a good addition to the Maple Ridge dining scene. There is only one other bubble tea place in town, and it is in another area. There is lots of selection flavour wise, and the owners let you customize and make any drink you like.


Yes, for tasty bubble tea.

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