Il Corsaro Pasta Bar

Il Corsaro Pasta Bar is an Italian pasta restaurant located in Maple Ridge. This restaurant has been around for years, but I’ve never tried it until I went with my family last week to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. The restaurant is small, dark, and cozy inside and it is only open from 5-10pm Tuesday to Saturday.


We were served a complementary basket of buns with butter. The buns were warm and fresh tasting.

House Salad

I also tried some of their house salad, which was a mix of greens, tomatoes, and onions. The salad was simple, but good. The house dressing was also surprisingly good, since it was just an oil based dressing. It had a good amount of tanginess and I soaked up the extra dressing with my bun.

Veal Scallopini Vino Bianco

For my meal I ordered the veal scallopini vino bianco ($18), which came with a chefs choice of pasta.

The veal was pounded thin and was very tender. The meat was coated in garlic and some other herbs and spices that didn’t overwhelm the flavour of the meat, but added plenty of flavour. The portion was tiny, but it was tasty and I was satisfied.

The pasta comes with the chef’s choice of noodles, which turned out to be fusilli pasta. It normally comes with either a tomato or a meat sauce, but I got an olive oil and garlic sauce instead. I have to confess, I am not crazy about pasta. It is something I would never choose to eat given other options, but since this place specializes in pasta, there were not many non pasta options.

The pasta noodles were cooked al dente and they had a nice chewy texture to them. I prefer thinner, longer, noodles as opposed to smaller pasta noodles, but they were pretty good despite not being my personal preference. The sauce was a bit on the boring side. It had a strong garlic flavour, which I liked, but it didn’t have any other dimensions to it.

While Italian isn’t my first choice for dining out, the food from Il Corsaro was pretty good. They have a pleasant ambiance and it would be an ideal place to come for a nice, but not too expensive dinner. If you like pasta, you will like this place.


Yes, for pasta in Maple Ridge.

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