SUPER Bonchaz Dining Pass

Last week I was invited by to check out their SUPER Bonchaz Dining Pass at Bonchaz.

Bonchaz is a cafe and sandwich shop that has two locations in Vancouver. The original location is downtown on Hastings, but the package can only be used at their new location on Main Street and West Broadway. The new location is tiny, but bright and inviting.

You have three different options for your sandwich; avocado and brie, the vegan, and beef bulgogi. I chose the beef bulgogi sandwich.

The sandwich is served on a soft hoagie bun (they make all their own bread in-house) and stuffed full of beef bulgogi. The beef is sliced ribeye that was marinated in soy sesame oil and mixed up with red onion, garlic and honey. If you are a big meat eater, you will like the sandwich. The beef was juicy and savoury and sweetness from the honey. I was expecting the sandwich to be served hot, but the meat was actually cold.

They always have two soups available each day and one of them is a vegan option. I ordered the vegan chili, which had more of a thin soup consistency. There were chunks of peppers, corn, beans, and chickpeas throughout the soup and the tomato broth had some spice to it. This soup is a tasty and flavourful option for everyone, not just vegans.

For the last item, you can either choose an original, banana walnut, or matcha flavoured bonchaz. A bonchaz is the restaurant’s signature item that is an airy, bready, sweet bun, that is filled with some sort of filling. The texture of it reminds me of a cinnamon bun, just with different flavours and a hollow inside.

I chose the matcha coconut green tea bonchaz that comes out golden brown and topped with crunchy and sweet coconut flakes. The bonchaz is filled with a mild, earthy matcha filling that I enjoyed. This is a delicious snack that would be a perfect pairing with a cup of coffee.

The SUPER Bonchaz dining pass is now on sale at for $6.5. It’s a great price for a complete soup, sandwich, and dessert meal. The sandwich is a decent size so this will definitely fill you up and the bonchaz bun is great. Remember this can only be used at the Main and Broadway location.


Yes, for great bonchaz buns.

Bonchaz Bakery Café on Urbanspoon



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