Recipe to Riches: Triple Nut Toffee

The latest Recipe to Riches episode was the candies and chocolate competition. It was between dark chocolate treats, golden toffee nut gems, and sucre a la creme.

This weeks winner was the triple nut toffee treats. They come in a tray with enough for eight decent sized pieces.

The bottom of the square has a thin graham cracker crust and it is topped with a caramelized almond, cashew, pine nut, and sesame seed mixture. I really liked the caramelized nut mixture. It had a satisfying crunchy texture with a bit of sweetness. The little piece of chocolate complemented the nutty flavours nicely and made this dessert more rich.

My only complaint is that the little piece of chocolate kept falling off. I wish it would have been chopped up and mixed in with the nuts instead, but that’s not a big issue.

I enjoyed the triple nut toffee and I would eat it again. For a candy, it isn’t actually that sweet. It mostly has a nutty flavour, but the bit of caramelized sugar and chocolate take it to a more desserty level. These would be a good dessert for holiday parties. You can view the recipe to make these on the Food Network Canada website.


Yes, for a great little treat.


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One Comment on “Recipe to Riches: Triple Nut Toffee”

  1. mary bozek
    November 29, 2012 at 9:58 am #

    this is so good, love it

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