GiveMeMau Dining Pass

I was recently invited by to try their new GiveMeMau Dining Pass from DD Mau.

DD Mau is a Vietnamese sub shop located in Yaletown on Pacific Boulevard. They sell many different types of Vietnamese subs that range from traditional, to unique fusion options. The restaurant has a few seats inside, but it’s more of a grab and go kind of place.

The dining pass comes with your choice of an avocado or honeydew smoothie. I’ve been to DD Mau once before and I tried the avocado smoothie (see my review) so I wanted to try the honeydew this time. The smoothies are made with fresh fruit, almond milk, and they are topped with a bit of condensed milk.

The honeydew was subtle and mildly sweet. The condensed milk made the smoothie rich and creamy. The texture of the smoothie was just right, not too thick and not too runny. I rarely see honeydew flavoured items anywhere, and I enjoyed this take on an underutilized fruit. When compared to the avocado smoothie, this one is lighter and more refreshing, but not as rich in flavour.

The dining pass comes with half of a grilled lemongrass chicken sub. This is made with grilled chicken thighs, pickled carrots and daikon, cucumber, cilantro, and sweet-chili aioli jalapenos.

Chicken Vietnamese subs are normally pretty basic, but this sandwich was anything but ordinary. The chicken thighs were super moist and oozing with delicious juices. The lemongrass was fragrant and prominent in every bite. This was some of the most tasty and flavourful chicken I’ve had in a sandwich and I can see why it is so popular.

The French bread was also nice. It was crusty and thick, while being soft on the inside. It also held up well to the saucy overflowing sandwich, and didn’t get soggy at all.

The other half of the sandwich was the Crispy Roasted Pork. This came filled with roasted pork, sautéed scallions, and the same veggies as the chicken one above.

I love anything with pork, and this was no exception. The roasted pork was tender and soaked full of rich meaty flavour. Little pieces of chopped up crispy pork skin are also sprinkled on the sandwich, which add a delightful, fatty, crunch when you get a bite of one. Everything about this sandwich was a win.

This was one of my favourite dining passes that I’ve reviewed from Vaneats (I liked it so much I bought another one). The smoothie and both of the sandwiches tasted amazing and they were a filling and satisfying meal. I liked how you are able to try two different sandwiches and you have a choice of what smoothie you want.

The dining pass is now on sale at for $9.50 (including tax), which is a great deal (smoothies are normally $4.50 on their own).

Disclosure: I did not pay for the dining pass.


Yes, for a killer sandwich.

DD Mau Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwiches on Urbanspoon



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