Chez Meme Baguette Bistro

Chez Meme Baguette Bistro is a tiny French bistro located on Hastings Street in Burnaby. This is the kind of place you would completely miss and just walk by if you didn’t know it was a hidden gem. Chez Meme specializes in baguette sandwiches for lunch and they recently started doing dinner services with a different menu as well.

After a failed attempt to go to Chez Meme a few weeks ago (they close from 3-5:00 every day), my friend Melissa and I made the trek back to try again for a late lunch.

Each sandwich comes split into two large pieces, so they are perfect for sharing. The first one we got was the jambon brie baguette ($9.25). I was expecting this sandwich to be pretty standard, but it turned out to be my favourite part of the meal. The baguette had a crunchy exterior, but was fresh and soft inside. This was the perfect bread for sandwiches.

Inside the sandwich was filled with thick, melty, slabs of brie cheese and thinly sliced black forest ham. Ham and brie is such a classic combination and I really liked it. The cheese was melted, just so that it got a bit gooey and there were still pieces of the rind on it, which added some cheesy flavour.

A cup of Dijon mustard comes alongside the sandwich so you can control how much you put on. The Dijon mustard had a hint of tang and was a great condiment to bring the sandwich together. I ended up putting tons of it on my sandwich.

The other sandwich we split was the bourguignon ($10.25). This baguette was filled with beef short ribs, onions, and a horseradish sauce.

The beef was rich, tender, and meaty. Any carnivore would appreciate this sandwich. I actually didn’t notice many onions inside, but they might have gotten lost amongst all the meat. I don’t actually like horseradish very much, but it wasn’t too bad in the sandwich. It wasn’t overly strong, until I got a big mouthful in my last bite.

For an extra $3 you can upgrade your side to french onion soup. The soup is topped with tons of melted cheese and it had large pieces of bread stuffed inside. This soup was good, but fairly standard. The beef broth seemed a bit mild and didn’t have as much rich flavour as I would have liked. The soup wasn’t bad, but it didn’t live up the hype from other diners.

I enjoyed my meal at Chez Meme, particularly the jambon brie sandwich. I don’t know if this place is worth lining up for on weekends, but it is a cute spot for a tasty French lunch.


Yes, for a great baguette sandwich.

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