WHETurAppetite Dining Pass

I was recently invited by Vaneats.ca to try out their new WHETurAppetite Dining Pass from WHET Kitchen and Bar.

The restaurant is located right at the entrance to Granville Island and they have a nice view of the water. I imagine it would be bright during the day from the big windows, but it had a cozy and quiet atmosphere in the evening.

The package begins with two sleeves of Russell Brewing Company’s Angry Scotch Ale. The dark ale is made with Scottish specialty malts. I’m no beer expect, but this was not as strong or bitter tasting as I was expecting it to be. It went down pretty smoothly.

The first appetizer is the coconut scallop ceviche. The cup was filled with scallops and tiny shrimp in coconut milk and citrus juices topped with tobiko and ikura.

The scallops and shrimp were fresh and full of flavour. I liked the creamy flavour of the coconut milk and every once in a while you would get a hint of ginger and jalapeño. The tortilla chips are made in-house and they had a good salty crunch to them. This dish was tasty, but it was a bit hard to scoop the liquidy juices with the chips without making a mess.

The second dish is a Prawn, Shrimp, & Wild Mushrooms Salad.

I enjoy arugula salads and this one was dressed with a light and tangy lemon-hazelnut vinaigrette. The pan seared prawns were flavourful and tasty, but I wish there was a couple more of them on there. I liked the wild local mushrooms and they had a nice flavour that wasn’t too strong. There were also a couple of taro root crisps, which added a crunch if you got a bite of them. This salad tasted good, but it is small. I would consider this to be an appropriate size if it was an individual side salad, but between two people it wouldn’t go very far.

For your entrée you have the choice between a crispy duck leg or a red honey-curry coho. I went with the wild BC coho.

Sometimes salmon can get over cooked and dry, however, this salmon was cooked beautifully. The meat was moist and flavourful with a crisp skin. The salmon had a strong sweet curry flavour. There was a saffron yogurt sauce and a hot pickled lime puree on the plate that added a bit of tartness and contrasted with the sweet salmon.

There were these crunchy corn chip strips under the salmon, but I didn’t think they went with the salmon. They reminded me of BBQ flavoured Fritos.

I enjoyed the taste of this dish, but like the salad it was very small. The piece of salmon was one of the smallest pieces I’ve ever been served and since there were no carbs on the plate this wasn’t a filling main dish.

This dining pass is now on sale for $30 from Vaneats.ca. My overall impression of the food was that it was tasty and fresh, but the portion sizes were a bit disappointing. I ate the whole thing on my own and I was barely full. If you are planning on spitting this and you want a full meal you will probably have to order more dishes.

Disclosure: I did not pay for the dining pass.

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