SFU Residence Dining Hall

At the beginning of this semester, SFU has revamped many of the food options on campus, one of them being the residence dining hall. The residence dining hall is now open 24 hours seven days a week. You pay a flat rate to get in and the food is all you can eat. Here are the meal times are prices:

Breakfast 6am – 11am $4.95
Lunch 11am – 5pm $7.95
Dinner 5pm – 9pm $9.95
Late night 9pm – 6am $7.95

Every day the food menus change and you can view them on the SFU dining website. I don’t think a lot of people know this but the dining hall is open to anyone, not just residents.

The dining hall has a variety of stations that include a salad/fruit bar, build your own sundae station, build your own sandwiches, a grill counter, and a few others that serve different foods each day. Drinks are also included and they have pop, juice, coffee, tea, and milk.

I came for the lunch and I loaded up on all of the daily specials. On this particular day they had Mexican chicken and rice and vegan stuffed potatoes. The rice was a bit cold since I scraped the bottom of the tin for it, but the Mexican chicken was surprisingly delicious. I’d pay money for this chicken even off of campus. It was juicy and moist and had a flavourful seasoning of herbs. They also always have a vegan entrée option, which were the stuffed potatoes and they have a few types of soup.

Since it is all you can eat I went back for another plate of food. On the day I went their grill special was jalapeno burgers and they were good. The burger patty was juicy and thick, and they have a toppings bar so you can put whatever you want on it. The salad bar is also pretty decent. They have plenty of different veggies, dressings, and other toppings like chickpeas, dried cranberries, and seeds. For dessert they have a container of baked goods and they also had a pudding and jello. I have a soft spot for rice krispie squares so I grabbed one of those for my dessert.

I was pleased with my experience at the residence dining hall. The food is good for cafeteria food and you can’t go wrong for an all you can eat lunch for under $10. A crappy soup and sandwich combo from Tim’s will cost you the same amount and this is much more satisfying. There was an impressive variety of food and they have something for everyone there.


Yes, for the best dining value at SFU



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