Rocko’s Family Diner

Rocko’s Family Diner is an old school diner located on Lougheed Highway in Mission. From the outside, the restaurant may not look like much. It’s inside of a renovated trailer home beside the train tracks with spider webs covering the outside windows, but Rocko’s is a great hidden gem and a real authentic diner that has been operating since 1956. The restaurant is open 24 hours and they serve breakfast all day.

I always fall for an all day breakfast so I ordered the skillet ($11) that comes with your choice of eggs, bacon, hash browns, mushrooms, green and white onions, and cheese.

I ordered my eggs scrambled and they came out light and fluffy. The mixture of everything was super satisfying. The bacon was thick and crispy and there were lots of big chunks mixed throughout. The potatoes were chunky with a crisp coating and soft on the inside. The rest of the veggies were good and helped balance out the greasy bacon and potatoes.

I also ordered a side of hollandaise ($1.50). They gave me a large amount of hollandaise and I ended up smothering my skillet in all of it. It was creamy and rich and had a beautiful thick texture.

Knowlton got a coffee milkshake ($4.69) and it came out in a massive tin. It was thick and creamy and had a bold rich coffee flavour. I would suggest sharing a milkshake between two people because they are too big for one person if they also get a meal.

Knowlton ordered the brunch burger ($12) that came with cheese, bacon, and a fried egg on top. The burger was greasy and had a thick juicy beef patty. Knowlton was impressed with the taste and size of the burger for the price of it. The burger comes with a large basket of thick cut diner style fries.

I’ve been back a number of times since my first visit and tried several other menu items. The clubhouse sandwich ($11.99) was a good no frills classic sandwich made with turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and lots of mayo. The thick cut smokey bacon was the best part of the sandwich because of the great texture and flavour it adds.  The rest of the sandwich was basic, but satisfying if you are in the mood for a good club.

The bacon and cheddar omelette ($9.99) was massive and takes up half of the plate. The omelette was fluffy inside with a slightly crisp outside. The omelette was filled with tons of bacon and cheese. A side of hash browns and toast came alongside the omelette.

An item that I knew I had to try the second I saw it were the deep-fried pickles ($5.99). The pickles are cut into quarters so they are still pretty thick. The slices are covered in a thin, light, and crisp batter, that didn’t make these too heavy or greasy. The pickles had a juicy crunch to them and were served with a side of ranch dipping sauce. The creamy, indulgent, ranch sauce went well with the pickles and I enjoyed every bite.

Another item I have tried is the Philly stacker ($10.99). The sandwich is filled with pulled beef, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and fries (yes inside the sandwich) all on soft thick cut white bread. This sandwich intrigued me and it actually turned out to be very tasty. The pulled beef was tender and meaty and smothered in a rich barbecue like sauce. I’m guilty of occasionally putting fries inside of my burger, so I loved how they put some inside the sandwich. The thick soft bread was good for soaking up all the sauce. This is a unique sandwich that I would recommend trying.

I’ve enjoyed my greasy diner meals every time I’ve gone to Rocko’s. The food isn’t fancy or spectacular, but it is always satisfying. They have reasonable prices and it is a fun authentic diner experience. If you enjoy watching the show Diners Drive-ins and Dives, and you have a soft spot for classic diners like I do, I would highly suggest stopping by Rocko’s if you are out in the Fraser Valley.


Yes, for a great diner meal.

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One Comment on “Rocko’s Family Diner”

  1. holly
    October 19, 2012 at 11:10 am #

    You had me at deep fried pickles. I would drive out to Mission just to try these.

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