Corn Dog Wagon

Corn Dog Wagon is a small food truck in Disneyland that sells corn dogs. Corn dogs are one of my guilty pleasures and any time I go to an amusement park, I have to get one. There are various stands that sell them throughout the park, but this one was the most convenient for me.

They only thing they sell here are corn dogs so I got one and it came with a bag of chips ($6.19). The bag of chips were just plain flavoured kettle chips, which were fine, but nothing special.

The corn dog has a crisp exterior coating that had a good crunch to it. The fluffy cornmeal batter inside was pretty thick and it made up the majority of the corn dog. The cornmeal batter had a slightly sweet flavour, which I enjoyed. The hot dog inside was pretty standard. At another stand in the park they sell corn dogs made with spicy sausages and I like those ones a bit better.

The corn dogs around the park are perfect for a snack that fulfills your greasy junk food cravings.


Yes, for a deep-fried guilty pleasure.


Categories: $ (less than $10), California, Food Cart


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