Tiki Juice Bar

The Tiki Juice Bar is a small stand in Disneyland that serves up one of the most popular snacks in the park, dole whip floats. These floats are a Disney tradition for me and it’s something I must get every time I visit.

The pineapple dole whip float ($4.79) is made with soft serve pineapple flavoured ice cream and pineapple juice.

The pineapple ice cream is incredibly smooth and creamy with a mild pineapple flavour. The juice on the other hand, has a strong pineapple taste that is both sweet and tart. It may seem overboard to have pineapple juice and pineapple ice cream, but they work well together and it tastes great.

If I could only choose one treat to have in Disneyland, it would be this. It is both sweet and refreshing, so it doesn’t leave you feeling too heavy or sick. In addition to the floats, you can opt for just pineapple ice cream or a glass of pineapple juice, but the float is a must try.


Yes, for one of the best treats in Disneyland.



Categories: $ (less than $10), California, Dessert


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