Sciue is an Italian bakery and cafe that has three locations downtown. On this occasion, I went to the original location on West Pender and Howe with my Dad for lunch. This location has a covered patio outside and a fair amount of seating.

If you order a flatbread you tell them how big of a piece you want and you pay by weight. This is an interesting idea because it allows you to get small slices of a few different flavours. Despite this, I had eyes only for the smoked salmon flatbread. I got two pieces for around $7, which I thought was a pretty good deal.

A thin cool layer of smoked salmon smothered the entire flatbread. The salmon was amazing and super fresh tasting.

Under the salmon, the flatbread was covered with mixed greens and drizzled with olive oil. The flatbread was thin and crisp, and it didn’t really have a crust. The toppings were very simple, but this flatbread was great and I would highly recommend trying it.

For dessert, we each got one of their Italian donuts. This donut is light, airy, and chewy on the inside. The donut itself isn’t overly sweet, but it is smothered in sugar and there is a hint of lemon flavour in each bite. I enjoyed this donut and I think it is one of the better pastries that they have.

Sciue is a nice cafe to come to for a quick lunch or a dessert and coffee. The flatbreads taste great and they are reasonably priced and very fresh if you come during lunch.


Yes, for a good flatbread.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Bakery, Cafe, Downtown, Italian, Vancouver


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