Cozy Cone Motel

Cozy Cone Motel is a new place to get snacks in the Cars area of Disney’s California Adventure Park. The Cozy Cone Motel has five large traffic cone shaped counters that each have their own special drink and snack. I became obsessed with this place while I was there and I came back multiple times throughout my trip to try different items.

At the #4 Concoctions cone, they sell a drink called Red’s apple freeze ($4.29). This is made with frozen apple juice, toasted marshmallow flavouring, and it’s topped off with a mango foam.

I fell in love with this drink after the first sip. The frozen apple juice isn’t as sickly sweet as regular apple juice and it tastes really pure and fruity. The drink has a very smooth texture and there are no large ice chunks. This is a good drink if you are looking for a sweet and cold pick me up.

The combination of apple and marshmallow flavours actually tastes a lot like a caramel apple, and this drink is like a liquified version of one. The mango fruit foam was mildly sweet and it adds a nice texture while you sip the drink.

At the #1 churro cone, they sell a drink called Ramone’s Pear of Dice Soda ($3.29). The drink is a mixture of Sprite and desert pear and mojito flavourings.

This was one of the most interesting and unique tasting drinks I’ve had. The desert pear had a distinct taste that was more floral than pear tasting. This may sound weird, but something in the drink tasted like soap, but I enjoyed it. This drink was one of my favourites and it was the most refreshing out of any of the drinks I tried.

I also got churro bites ($4.99) along with my drink. The churro bites are the same as the other churros in the park except they are cut up into bite sized pieces and presented in a cone, which makes them easier to eat. The bites also come with a side of cinnamon spiced chocolate sauce to dip. I wish the chocolate sauce had a thicker texture, but it tasted great and I enjoyed the hints of cinnamon.

From the #5 Popcone I ordered a Doc’s Wild Grape Tonic ($3.79) to drink. This drink is made with sprite, a wild grape syrup, and a wild berry foam.

This drink was essentially a gourmet version of grape soda. If you like grape soda you will love this drink. It was sweet and very bubbly. This drink was good, but it wasn’t as special as the other drinks.

The cone always sells two types of popcorn, regular butter flavour, and then another rotating flavour. On the day I went, the flavour was bacon cheddar ($4.69). How could I resist that?

The bacon and cheddar flavour was actually pretty mild. Every few pieces you would get a little punch of smokey or cheesy flavour, but it wasn’t too overwhelming. The popcorn here is a pretty good deal relative to the other vendors in the park, because for the same price you can get flavoured popcorn and it is a decent sized portion.

The #3 chili “cone” queso cone sells chili and chicken verde in a cone for lunch and dinner and breakfast cones in the morning. On an early morning, I tried one of the verde scramble cones ($6.49).

The cone is made with a chewy pretzel like dough that was very tasty. The cone was filled up with fluffy scrambled eggs, and topped with salsa verde and queso fresco. The queso fresco was crumbly and light. I enjoyed the salsa verde sauce with the eggs because it was something I haven’t tried before. This is a fun and unique option for breakfast.

The Cozy Cone Motel is a cool place to check out in the Disney parks. They have a wide variety of snacks and drinks, so there is something for everyone at one of the cones. I like how they are doing new things with classic theme park snacks and presenting them in a unique way. This was one of my favourite dining experiences of the trip.


Yes, for innovative drinks and tasty snacks.



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