Cray-vings Dining Pass

I was recently invited by to try out their new dining pass, “Cray-vings”, at Cray Kitchen.

Cray Kitchen is a relatively new restaurant on the Vancouver dining scene and they specialize in Louisiana style seafood and crawfish. The inside of the restaurant is nice, but comfortable, and it compliments their Southern themed food.

The package begins with a basket of cod nuggets, deep fried oysters, and Cajun fries. These items are also served with a ketchup, a spicy mayo, and a tartar sauce.

The cod nuggets were my favourite item in the basket. The pieces of cod were flakey and moist. The batter on the nuggets wasn’t like your average heavy fish and chips batter because it was much more thin and crisp.

The deep fried oysters were massive and they were also coated in a crisp and lightly seasoned batter. Surprisingly, I prefer raw oysters over deep fried ones, but if you like deep fried oysters you will enjoy these.

The Cajun fries were coated in a Cajun powder that packed some heat. I enjoyed these spicy fries and when dipped in the three different sauces they were great.

The package also comes with a half pound of crawfish and a half pound of shrimp that come out in a bag full of sauce and spices. As you can see I made a bit of a mess at the table.

The restaurant normally lets you pick if you want Cajun sauce, garlic butter, lemon pepper, or all of the above in your bag and they let you customize your spice level. I’m not actually sure what was in our bag since the server didn’t ask us, but I believe we had a mix of everything and we asked for it to be spicy. The sauce was very delicious and it had large chunks of garlic and lots of spicy flavour.

Now onto the crawfish and shrimp. Cracking open the crawfish and peeling the shrimp is some messy hard work. I’m squeamish when it comes to ripping off heads and dealing with brains and gut juices. These things are part of the crawfish experience and if you aren’t into getting messy, you probably won’t enjoy them.

I was surprised at how small the meat you get out of the crawfish is for the amount of ripping and cracking that needs to be done. I preferred the flavour and texture of the shrimp meat over the crawfish meat, as I found the crawfish meat to be a bit mushy.

This dining pass is currently on sale for $18.50 at This is their most unique dining experience they have offered, and if you are an adventurous seafood lover looking for something different, this is the thing for you. The package is also a great deal when you look at the menu prices and it is a good way to try different things without paying the full menu price. One thing to note is that the package isn’t overly large, so you will need to buy extra food if more than one person is using it.

Disclosure: I did not pay for the dining pass.

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