Fortune House Seafood Restaurant

Fortune House Seafood Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant located in Metropolis at Metrotown that is popular place in the area for dim sum. Since my friend Melissa and I were having a dim sum craving, we met up here for an early lunch. The inside is large and looks similar to other banquet style Chinese restaurants.

The first item we ordered were the pan-fried noodles with beef and satay sauce. It comes mixed up with tender pieces of sliced beef, peppers, and chunks of pineapple. The sauce was mildly sweet and savoury. These noodles were delicious and quite filling.

I’ve never had steamed Chinese donut rice rolls before, but I’ve been wanting to try some. The Chinese donut was warm and chewy inside. The thin rice roll wrapped around it added an interesting texture, but I enjoyed it.

You can’t have dim sum without steamed shrimp dumplings. These dumplings were massive and packed full of plump juicy shrimp. They tasted fresh and had a subtle sweetness from the shrimp, but they were a bit hard to eat because the wrapper didn’t stick to the filling very well.

The pan-fried chicken dumplings were the one disappointment I had. The chicken filling inside was minimal and incredibly bland. I’ve had better frozen dumplings. These were just tasteless dough balls and I would recommend to pass on this dish.

Another dim sum staple are the steamed pork, shrimp, and mushroom dumplings. These were also impressively large. The filling inside was moist and so full of flavour. There were large chunks of shrimp throughout the dumplings, which added some nice texture.

For something sweet, we ordered egg tarts. These came out slightly warm inside, which gave the impression that they were freshly baked. The tart shell was flakey and you could see all of the thin buttery layers of crust. The golden custard was creamy and mildly sweet. These are the perfect way to end a meal.

Both of us enjoyed the dim sum from Fortune House. All of the items tasted fresh and were large, although some were a bit pricy. I would return and it’s definitely a good option for those who want dim sum and don’t want to travel to Richmond.


Ask for a bowl of their chili sauce. It’s delicious, but not too spicy and is a good dip.


Yes, for tasty dim sum in Burnaby.

Fortune House Seafood 福聯海鮮酒家 (鐵道鎮商場內) on Urbanspoon



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