Urban Sushi

Urban Sushi is a Japanese restaurant on Granville street that serves up quick style bento boxes and sushi. When you walk in, you place your order at the counter and they bring your food out to your table a few minutes later. There isn’t much seating inside and it gets busy at lunch, so be prepared to share tables.

I ordered a special of the day, which was a chicken teriyaki bento box that comes with a spicy tuna roll ($12). They brought the bento box out to me first and it contained rice, miso soup, chicken teriyaki, and tempura.

The chicken teriyaki was standard, but good, with a crisp skin and juicy meat inside. However, the rest of the bento box was disappointing. The tempura was soggy and had too much batter. It was clear these weren’t fresh. They also put the tempura on top of the hot plate with teriyaki sauce so that the pieces got completely soaked, which added to the soggy problem. The rice was also mucky and I didn’t end up eating it.

When my sushi roll came out, I didn’t have high hopes, but it was actually the best part of the meal. The sushi rice was compact and had a nice texture. It was much better than the bowl of rice that came in the box. The inside of the roll packed lots of flavour and tasted very fresh. It was one of the better spicy tuna rolls I’ve had.

My meal at Urban Sushi was hit and miss. The bento box was a disappointment, and I wouldn’t order any of their cooked items again, but their sushi was fresh and prepared nicely. The service is fast and I would return to order sushi for a quick lunch.


Yes, for sushi rolls, but skip the bento boxes.

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Categories: $$ ($10-$15), Downtown, Japanese, Sushi, Vancouver


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