Iögo Launch Party

Iögo (pronouced yo-go) is a new brand of Canadian made yogurt that is launching in stores this weekend. They have seven lines of yogurt products ranging from child friendly, fat-free, travel ready, and lactose free yogurts.

I was invited to their Vancouver launch party this past Thursday to try the new yogurt and taste food that was made with their products.

They had a bartender mixing up strawberry shortcake martinis, which were made with yogurt, vodka, muddled strawberries, and cinnamon syrup. Yogurt and vodka may sound like an offputting combination, but these drinks were surprisingly delicious. They were sweet with a bit of tang and they tasted like an adult version of a bottled yogurt drink.

One of my favourite dishes of the night was the tuna tartar. It didn’t seem like there was yogurt in this dish, but it was mixed in with the tuna and added extra moisture to the dish. The pieces of fish were meaty and flavourful. The tuna was on top of a wonton cracker and topped with green onions.

Another dish I enjoyed was the chickpea and yogurt spread on toasted bread. I love hummus and this was almost the same, except that this spread was a bit creamier and had a slight tang from the yogurt. You could easily make this at home by adding in some yogurt to your hummus recipe.

I enjoyed my time at the iögo launch party and it was clear that they are passionate about their product. It’s cool that they are showcasing creative ways to use yogurt in cooking and some of their recipes are featured on their website.



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