Ebisu is a Japanese restaurant that has a location on Robson street, on Broadway, and in Richmond. Diana from Foodology and I went to the Robson location to check out their happy hour specials that they have daily from 4:30-6:30pm.

We started off with some salmon sushi ($6.50). The pieces of salmon were fresh tasting and had a nice consistency. The pieces were a bit thin, but I still enjoyed them.

They have oysters on special for $1 each during happy hour, so we got a few. The oysters were very fresh and served with lemon, green onion, a sweet soy sauce, and a spicy sauce. The oysters had a mild refreshing flavour and tasted great with all the toppings.

The volcano roll ($6.97) was a spicy salmon roll that was topped with avocado, tempura bits, tobiko, and more spicy sauce. This roll was impressive to look at, however, it was a bit hard to eat. The tempura bits were difficult to pick up with the roll and most of them fell off and got left behind. The spicy sauce actually had a bit of heat to it compared to most other spicy sushi rolls.

The mango california roll ($7.97) was topped with sliced mango, tobiko, and a creamy mayo sauce. This roll was good but not great. I enjoyed the mango on top, but I feel like the sauce and the roll could have had more flavour.

The food at Ebisu was enjoyable, but not outstanding and it’s worth it to come during happy hour to get some deals.

I don’t normally mention service in my reviews because I rarely have issues at restaurants, however, I received worst service I’ve ever had here. After we paid our bill and were leaving the restaurant, our waiter chased us down to ask us for more tips, even though we had left a 15% tip. The service we received throughout the meal was minimal, so 15% was already generous.

I phoned the manager later that evening to complain and he apologized and tried to sort things out. I appreciated the effort, but it’s unfortunate that the actions of one individual spoiled our dinner.


Yes, for happy hour, however, the service was disappointing.

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