The Deli

Hidden around the corner of the Bental 1 food court on Burrard is “The Deli”. They are essentially a gourmet Subway, where you can build your own sandwich, and pick from an array of bread, meat, spreads, and veggies. In addition to sandwiches, they also have deli style salads, soups, and small snack items.

My friend Melissa frequents this place and she suggested that I try it out with her, so we came here for lunch recently. I had never noticed this place before, but it is apparent that other people have since it gets lined up at lunch time.

I went with a roasted chicken sandwich on cranberry sourdough bread with spinach, avocado spread, sun-dried tomato pesto, cucumbers, and pickles.

The roasted chicken was a special on that day so I’m not sure if they always have it, however, it was moist and lightly grilled, and much better than shaved deli meat.

The cranberry sourdough bread was excellent and it made the sandwich for me. It was soft and slightly chewy with hints of tart sweetness from the cranberry pieces embedded throughout it. All of the veggies on my sandwich tasted fresh and they have lots of different items to choose from so you can completely customize your sandwich.

I was impressed with my sandwich from the deli. For $7.50 I got a massive and fresh tasting sandwich that had everything I wanted on it. The line moves pretty fast, so this is a great option for a quick lunch to take back to the office and it is far superior to Subway.


Yes, for a great and fast sandwich.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Deli, Downtown, Sandwiches, Vancouver


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