Caffe Artigiano

Caffé Artigiano is a chain of cafes that has locations throughout Vancouver and Burnaby. The inside of the cafes are cozy and they have a more traditional vibe compared to modern Starbucks locations.

I stopped in here on my way to work for my morning caffeine fix. I ordered a hazelnut soy latte ($5).

I get excited when barista’s do latte art on my drinks because it makes them feel special. The latte itself was perfectly executed with microbubbles that had a thick texture. This latte isn’t foamy and frothy like Starbucks ones are. The hazelnut flavour was subtle and added a hint of sweetness to the drink, but still allowed the bold coffee flavour to be the star.

I loved my latte from Artigiano, and if they didn’t ding me for substituting milk for soy, I would return frequently. The quality is definitely there and they take the time to make your coffee right, but it is pricy.


Yes, for a beautiful looking and tasting latte.

Caffè Artigiano (Granville) on Urbanspoon



Categories: $ (less than $10), Cafe, Downtown, Vancouver


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