Bamboo Garden

Bamboo Garden is a Chinese restaurant at SFU in the Cornerstone Complex. They have a full menu that you can order take out from, but most people go there to get their cheap combination meals. They always have about 15 different items to choose with lots of meat and vegetable options.

I went with a two topping combo on steamed rice ($5) and I chose the pepper pork and chicken curry.

I enjoy pepper, however, the pepper flavour in this dish was overwhelming and off-putting. The pepper sauce also had a strange slimy texture that made me gag. The pork pieces were tough and I got a few bits that were just bone.

The chicken curry had lots of mushy overcooked potatoes in it, but the chicken was no where to be seen. I got one piece of chicken in the whole thing. The curry sauce itself was thick and gloopy and completely lacking flavour. The fact that the curry was room temperature also didn’t help this dish.

Eventually I just gave up eating this all together. I was so disappointed with the barely edible food that I ended up throwing it away (and I rarely throw away or can’t eat food). The low prices and large portions draw people in, but the food is so bad that it isn’t worth it.


No, the food is flavourless and not fresh.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Burnaby, Chinese, SFU


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