Fujiya is a small take out sushi place and a Japanese grocery store. I went to the location downtown on West Pender, but they have another location on Clarke and Venables and one in Richmond. The location downtown is very tiny and easy to miss because it’s tucked away under a large building.

This location has a few grocery items and they have a long fridge full of prepackaged sushi rolls, bento boxes, and rice bowls. It lines up out the door at lunch time, but the line moves pretty fast. They have a few tables outside of the store and a tiny bar table inside, but most people get their food to go.

The six piece gyoza ($2.45) were made with a pork, beef, and vegetable filling. I reheated these in the microwave that they have in the store.

The filling was tasty and had punches of green onion and ginger. Obviously since these are prepackaged and then reheated, the bottoms weren’t crisp, but the wrapper was thin, so it wasn’t soggy or gummy. For the price, these are a good quick snack.

I also got a spicy tuna roll ($3.95) that was filled with tuna, lettuce, cucumber, chili mayo and topped with tobiko. For prepackaged sushi, the fillings were surprisingly fresh tasting.

The tuna was cut into large chunks, which I like better than the mushed up tuna mixture that some rolls use because it has a more pleasing texture. The lettuce and cucumbers still had a good crunch to them and the chili mayo was creamy and slightly spicy. My one issue was that the rice was so thick, especially at the bottom of the roll that I ended up taking some of it off.

Fujiya is good at what it does, which is making cheap, fast, decent tasting sushi and Japanese food. Pre-packeged sushi will never be the same as good freshly made sushi, but this place has the best prepackaged items that I’ve ever had. They have tons of selection, but items go quick during the lunch rush.


Yes, for a quick and cheap sushi lunch.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Downtown, Japanese, Sushi, Vancouver


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