Bel Cafe

Bel Cafe is a upscale cafe in the bottom of the Rosewood Hotel Georgia that serves coffee/tea, desserts, and sandwiches. The cafe is run by chef David Hawksworth who is responsible for opening Hawksworth restaurant in the same hotel.

Melissa and I decided to meet up here on our lunch break in search of a good sandwich. The inside of the cafe is bright and cheery with several tables inside.

We both got the spiced pulled chicken sandwich ($10.60) with arugula, caramelized onion, provolone, and harissa aioli.

The bread used for this sandwich was excellent. It was chewy, warmly toasted and with bits of flour on top. It definitely had that freshly baked bread charm.

The pulled chicken was moist and had a nice aroma of flavourful spices. I love arugula on sandwiches because I find it has more character than lettuce and a fresher taste. I normally find provolone to have a sharp taste, but this provolone was mild.

I couldn’t leave Bel Cafe without getting something sweet. I went with the white chocolate, calamansi, coconut ($6.20) dessert.

This dessert was soft and had a thick mousse like texture. The white chocolate is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and I loved it along side the coconut flavour. Calamansi is a citrus lime like fruit and its flavour helped cut the sweetness of the chocolate and gave the dessert a hint of tangy tartness. This dessert was very satisfying.

Melissa ordered the summer berry pound cake ($3.40), which came out looking like a muffin. Many pound cakes can become overly dry in the middle, however, this version maintained moisture. The cake was lightly spiced with cinnamon and covered in a sweet brown sugar topping. There were large juicy berries throughout the cake. This is a good dessert option if you want something lighter or a dessert to pair with coffee.

The food at Bel Cafe is beautiful and it tastes great. The plates aren’t overly large, but this is a quality over quantity kind of place. This is one of the nicest cafes in Vancouver without being pretentious.


Yes, for pretty desserts and sandwiches.

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One Comment on “Bel Cafe”

  1. Zhang Wei
    August 1, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

    It is a very beautiful hotel.

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