Splitz Grill

Splitz Grill is a famous build your own burger joint located in Whistler village. When you step inside, you pay for your burger and then you walk along the counter and pick from a variety of unique sauces and veggies.

I ordered a cheeseburger combo that came with fries and a drink ($10). The portion of fries wasn’t overly large, but since the burgers are so big, it’s the perfect amount.

On my burger I added baba ganoush, hummos, pickles, marinated carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, and red onion. The burger patty was thick and juicy and they cook it fresh for you after you order. They also toast the bun for you, which helps to prevent it from getting soggy.

The baba ganoush and the hummos added some great middle eastern flavour and moisture to the burger. The carrots, cucumber, and sprouts are interesting burger additions, but I enjoyed having something different and they were all fresh and crunchy.

Overall Splitz Grill makes a satisfying and tasty burger with toppings that you can’t find anywhere else. I liked the novelty of being able to pick what goes on my burger and it ending up being very large filling. I also appreciated the uniqueness of the toppings because it sheds a whole new light on what a burger can be. This is the perfect place to grab a casual meal that won’t break the bank.


They also have a location in Vancouver.


Yes, for a great fresh burger.

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Categories: $$ ($10-$15), Burgers, Whistler


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One Comment on “Splitz Grill”

  1. Chi Fung Hei
    July 31, 2012 at 9:11 am #

    Wow, I really like your Whistler banner. That is just so cool.

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