Maurya’s Spice Dining Pass

I was recently invited by to try out their new dining pass, “Maurya’s Spice” at Maurya Indian Cuisine.

Maurya is an upscale Indian restaurant located on West Broadway. The inside of the restaurant is nice with high spacious ceilings and bright windows. There is lots of seating available and I saw a few large parties there for the lunch buffet.

When I first sat down, the server brought me a bowl of papadum. This isn’t part of the package, but they give it to everyone. For those who haven’t had papadum before, it is very thin, crisp, and cracker like. There were several toasted fennel seeds inside of the papadum. I normally find fennel too overwhelming, but these were quite mild. They also give you a bowl of mint sauce and mango sauce to dip the papadum in.

Like most of the other Vaneats dining passes, this one came with a trio of appetizers. The first one was a mixed greens and beet salad tossed in mango vinaigrette. I’m not a fan of beets in general, so I didn’t enjoy the salad. However, if you like beets you should have no problems with it.

The Seekh Kebab, is the middle appetizer that is a skewer of minced lamb and spices that was baked in their charcoal oven. This appetizer was delicious and the meat was perfectly seasoned and juicy. The meat didn’t taste gamey and it had a pleasant smokey flavour. It may look like a sausage, but it doesn’t have a casing and it has a much softer consistency. Under the kebab were these mini papadum crackers which I wrapped up my kebab in and ate together.

The last appetizer was the mixed vegetables that consisted of broccoli, bell peppers, green beans, zucchini, and corn. These were sautéed with garlic and other spices. The vegetables were all cooked so that they were soft but had a bit of crunch left. This dish had a mild flavour and it was good, but not a standout item for me.

You have to have naan with curry, so this pass comes with a plate of garlic and basil naan. The garlic flavour was prominent and delicious. Sometimes I find the garlic on garlic naan gets too burnt, but this was cooked perfectly. This was so good I almost didn’t want to dip it in the curry.

Now onto the star of the show, the chicken chettinad. This dish was filled up with juicy white meat chicken chunks and the sauce was made with coconut milk and poppy seeds. I loved the originality of the poppy seed sauce and I was happy to see that the package diversified beyond butter chicken to showcase other Indian dishes.. The sauce was creamy, a little sweet, and simply beautiful. This dish has won awards for the restaurant, and I can see why, it is a must have.

The last dish in the dining pass was the daal Maurya, which is a bowl of black lentils that were cooked over night in a curry sauce. Unlike the slightly sweet sauce in the chicken chettinad, this sauce had a deeper more savory flavour with no sweetness. The lentils were tender and they completely absorbed the flavour of the sauce.

This dining pass packs a lot of flavour and I appreciate how they showcase a more unique side to Indian cuisine than most people are used to. This pass is big enough to be a filling meal for two people. The pass goes on sale at 7am on July 4th for $18 at This is a great deal because the regular price of the chicken chettinad alone is $13.

Disclosure: I did not pay for the dining pass.


Yes, for flavourful curry.

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