Faves: Vietnamese

The newest addition to my faves are my top three Vietnamese restaurants. Whether is a steaming hot bowl of pho or a banh mi sub, I love the simplicity and the affordability of Vietnamese food.

My first favourite is Bao Chau. Bao Chau is located on East Hastings and they serve up the best pho I’ve ever had. Their broth has a rich depth of flavour and their sliced rare beef is melt in your mouth tender. I’ve been to many pho places since my last visit here and none of  them compare to Bao Chau.

My second favourite is Viet Sub, which is located on Robson street. The restaurant is so tiny you could easily walk right by it but they have some tasty Vietnamese subs for crazy good deals. Since Viet Sub is conveniently located downtown, it’s the perfect place for a quick cheap lunch.

My third favourite is Au Petit Cafe on Main street. Au Petit Cafe is known for having some of the best banh mi around and they really live up to the hype. The sandwiches are fresh and flavourful. If this restaurant wasn’t inconvenient for me to get to I would go here often.

What are your favourite Vietnamese restaurants?


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