Wok Box

Wok Box is an Asian inspired rice and noodle box restaurant that has many locations around the lower mainland. They have dishes inspired from a bunch of different countries. Living out in Maple Ridge, there is limited Asian options so this is one of the places my family goes when we don’t feel like driving anywhere. The inside of the restaurant is spacious with lots of seating. You place your order at the counter and then they bring it out to your table when it’s ready.

On one of my dinner visits, I ordered the Penang Shrimp and Chicken Rice Bowl. This spicy chili sauce had some heat but also a hint of sweetness. I was impressed with the amount of chicken and shrimp that were present in the dish. There was also a mix of vegetables in the stir fry and it was topped with fresh cilantro and a lime wedge. The dinner bowls come with a couple of scoops of rice and I was completely stuffed by the time I was done. This bowl was tasty and fresh and I would get it again if I came back.

I came here on another occasion for lunch and I ordered the Thai red curry chicken rice bowl. The bowls at lunch time are cheaper and come in smaller portions. The red Thai curry sauce has chilis and coconut milk in it. This dish has a hint of spice, but it isn’t overwhelming. In this bowl I noticed that I had less chicken and more veggies than the dinner bowl. This bowl had a flavourful sauce but it wasn’t as good as the penang shrimp and chicken bowl.

Overall Wok Box delivers some decent rice bowls. They have some cheap lunch specials and the dinner bowls are large. Don’t come to Wok Box expecting a traditional Asian experience, because that isn’t what they serve. I appreciate that the food here is fresh and that they make your food when you order it. It doesn’t make you feel heavy and sick after you eat it and it isn’t loaded up with MSG.


Yes, for a fresh rice bowl in Maple Ridge.

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