Suika Punch Dining Package

I was recently invited by to try out one of their upcoming dining packages called “Suika Punch” at Suika restaurant.

I’ve been to Suika before to review a previous dining package and I had a great time so I knew good eats were in store for me. Suika is a izakaya style restaurant and they have lots of small interesting Japanese dishes.

The package comes with a pitcher of Sapporo. I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I actually enjoyed the light crisp taste of the Sapporo. If I had to drink beer, this would definitely be my choice. Plus it helps to quench your tongue after eating the hellz chicken (see below).

The package comes with an appetizer trio and the first up was the lightly smoked tuna tataki. The tuna tataki was meaty and fresh and it was topped with a slightly spicy chili oil and scallions. There were some subtle smokey flavours in the dish. This was my favourite appetizer.

The next appetizer was the tomato kimchi. I dislike raw tomatoes but I tried it for the sake of tasting the whole package and I was surprised to find I didn’t hate it. The tomatoes were marinated in kimchi and topped with cilantro oil and Chinese chives. The cilantro oil added a lot of flavour to the dish and the spices had fully seeped into the tomato. The tomato flavour was masked by the spices so I didn’t mind it.

The last of the appetizers was the yellowtail carpaccio. The yellowtail was sliced super thin and topped with sesame soy dressing and tobiko. The sauce was delicious and this fish melted in your mouth. My only complaint was that the slices of fish were quite small.

The hellz chicken came out next and you could smell the spiciness immediately. The chicken is deep fried and coated in “hell sauce”, which is made with tabasco, jalapeno, hot sauce, lemon, garlic, and vinegar. The sauce was very spicy but under the spice it also had a good tangy flavour. The chicken chunks were big and juicy and they had a nice crispy exterior. If you can’t handle spicy food I suggest you stay far away from this dish.

The last dish in the package is the Chinese poutine. The fries are topped with topped with spicy ground pork sauce, mozzarella, chili oil, sansho and minced cilantro. I’m a big poutine lover and I liked this creative and unique Asian twist on the dish. The sauce was thick and meaty and after the hellz chicken it didn’t seem spicy at all. The cheese was gooey and stretchy. This was a comforting and satisfying dish.

I once again enjoyed my meal at Suika. The food was great and the atmosphere is fun and lively. The package gives you a taste of a bit of everything they have to offer and its perfect for going out with some friends and sharing food. The Suika Punch package goes on sale at 7am on June 20. It costs $25, which is a steal since you get a whole pitcher of beer. You can purchase Suika Punch from the Vaneats website.

In addition to the package above, we purchased a couple of extra dishes to try more items. We got the corn kakiage ($4.80), which were little clumps of corn nuggets that were deep fried in a cilantro, soy, and butter batter. These were amazing. They were crispy on the outside and juicy and soft inside. They had a slightly sweet flavour from the corn and they were salty from the batter with a pop of fresh spice from the cilantro . I would definitely suggest ordering this dish because it’s so unique and tasty.

The last item we ordered was the negitoro battera ($9.80), which is a pressed sushi with tuna belly, scallions, avocado, and sesame. The tuna was fatty and smooth but I didn’t really notice the avocado. The sushi was topped with a soy and seaweed sauce that had a dark and slightly bitter taste. This sushi was good, but I wasn’t as impressed with it as I was with some of the other dishes.

Disclosure: I did not pay for the dining package.


Yes, for excellent and unique Japanese food.

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